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Competition giveaway/discount (wheel of fortune style) on Tattoo

SURPRISE!!! My “internet guy” wants you to come back to the website so the “prick” said I must do something.


Share and tag on social media platforms a picture from our Website Profile Picture Generator (WPPG), with something humorous (offensive is a disqualification), on a random day.

In an Austin Powers “spy-like” fashion, we will on an undisclosed day of the month, (usually 2nd day of the month) a winner will be announced.

If it is the same random picture on the same random day that we liked with something humorous (might be featured on our website, not promising), you will get a giveaway/discount on a tattoo with a ridiculous short period of time to claim (usually 10 working days) by the loser of rock, paper, scissors Tattoo Artist. The more you check the site and Share a pic the better your chances.

The competition will run for an undisclosed amount of time (12 months at least).

Also pop in at the studio and stand a chance to win an amazing “positive high five”.

So here is what you do...

Step 1: go to the WPPG

Right-click on the page image

Select copy image

Step 3:
Paste it in your instagram or facebook feed and tag us in. Include your comment. And that's it.

T and C apply