Printing Services

We offer a complete turnkey solution for all your printing needs. From billboards to flyers and everything in between.

Large Format

Large format printing has experienced growth in the last few years and continues to develop as new technologies come to the fore. Today’s large-format printers are both cost-effective and easy to operate, and can prepare prints on virtually any kind of surface. Needless to say, going big with original artwork, custom text or attention-grabbing graphics is a proven way to increase sales and build customer-business bonds. If you’re looking to print a new outdoor sign for your restaurant, kick off an advertising campaign, or set up banners at an outdoor festival, then large format printing is the perfect option for you.

Business Cards

Business cards play a huge role in business when it comes to networking, interacting with potential clients and suppliers and in giving credibility to any organisation, regardless of its size. They are a great way to let people know who you are and what you do. In many cases your business cards are the first contact someone has with your organisation so it is important that it is professional, well presented and contains all the necessary information that someone would need to make contact with you. There is the old adage that you should not judge a book by it’s cover, but human nature means that we usually do. Think of it as that cover by which people judge your business. Does is represent what you offer? Are you proud to hand your card out to prospective clients and customers, to suppliers and peers?



Whether you are a small business looking for a small print run of a few hundred posters or a large commercial company needing around bigger quantities, our digital printing technology offers you a cost effective, high-quality printing solution.

An added advantage of using digital printing is that you can vary the information in one print run without incurring extra costs. For example on a run of 200 posters advertising an event on two different dates at different venues, you can print 100 with one date/ venue and 100 with the next.


Flyers can be ordered in high-gloss to spot colour prints and are effective because they are cheap and easy to distribute. Cleverly worded, attractive flyers boost business and sales without incurring the costs of other advertising devices. For effective advertising our advice is “less is more”. Avoid too many words and to say what you mean in short, catchy phrases accompanied by an eye-catching logo or design.

At Asset Print our turnaround time is fast and efficient and our prices are very competitive. We would be proud to be your dedicated printing company, where ever you are based – Cape Town, the Western Cape or anywhere in South Africa.

In the interests of being eco-friendly and good corporate citizenship, at Asset Print we offer you the option of having your flyers printed on recycled paper with eco-friendly ink.

In addition, because flyers can be posted in post boxes, handed out at traffic lights and public places or left in stores where your target market shops, in South Africa this is a way to reach people who don’t have access to traditional types of media as well as to find your way into their homes with minimal effort.

Tattoo Artist Duo


Why invest in business brochure printing, you ask yourself. Well, are you trying to grow your business? Because brochure distribution is one of the best ways to reach a wide audience and let them know about your business. At Asset Print we have years of experience in the industry and so can vouch for the fact that even in this day and age of advanced technology custom made brochures are one of the most effective ways of marketing any business and getting the word out about your services and/or products. Our excellent team are on hand to assist with you the design and printing options, so whether it’s full colour brochures or black and white brochures, let us work with you to get your business out there now!
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Full list of Printing Services

Feel free to contact us if your item is not listed.

  • Applications
  • Binding
  • Black & White Copying
  • Boxing
  • Buffalo Binding
  • Collating
  • Colour Copying
  • Copying
  • Couriering
  • Creasing
  • Credit Card facilities
  • Debit Card facilities
  • Design
  • Digital
  • Die Cutting
  • Distributing
  • Drilling
  • Estimating
  • Eyeleting
  • Foiling
  • Folding
  • Gloss UV Varnishing
  • Glueing
  • Installations
  • Labelling
  • Laminating
  • Large Format
  • Litho Printing
  • Make Up of Products
  • Matt UV Varnishing
  • Mounting
  • Numbering
  • Padding
  • Perforating
  • Plastic Comb Binding
  • Printing
  • Promotional Products
  • Proofing
  • Punching
  • Quoting
  • Round Cornering
  • Sample Making
  • Scanning
  • Scoring
  • Shrink Wrapping
  • Signage
  • Spot UV Varnishing
  • Stapling
  • Stitching
  • Varnishing- Matt or Gloss
  • Wiro Binding
  • Wrapping